Groovy Beets Blog is owned by Leann Forst. It’s based on research and evidence from leading experts in the field of natural health and healing. The FTC requires full disclosure of relationships I have between brands when writing about products. Brand and advertisers do not influence the content of Groovy Beets Blog because all content is chosen by Leann. I share my opinion based on personal experience, education and research and would never recommend a product that I would not use or have not used myself or have personal experience with. My goal is to share information with my readers so that they can make more informed decisions on creating a healthy family — because I was once there — without the knowledge to help my child with asthma. I didn’t know what I was eating was hurting my chances for a healthy pregnancy. I didn’t make the connection between my food and my health. My wish is that you make this connection so as to lead your best life.

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