7 Tips For Dealing with Picky Eaters

Picky Eaters?  Tell me about it! When your little one has you dreading dinnertime due to her picky nature, take solace in the fact that kids aged 2 to 4 are hard wired to question what they put in their mouth—it’s a normal part of development. And while that pickiness...

Anti-Inflammatory Diet = Anti-Aging

Want to stay young? Check out the anti-inflammatory diet.  Inflammation is your body’s innate way of providing acute healing to an area of your body, but when it persists on a low level throughout the body, it can do much more harm than good. Because chronic...

A 7-Step Family Health Formula

Make a family health plan for best results. While not necessarily easy, intentionally forming healthy habits—and having your family get onboard with you—is possible. You just need to be armed with the following strategies: Create a plan. Focus on one area at a time....

Add Greens for Longevity and Vitality

The number one thing you can do today to improve your health and boost your energy is eat leafy greens. This simple act has powerful implications. In his book, Integrative Nutrition, author Joshua Rosenthal describes it this way: “Greens help build our internal...

5 Low Impact Exercises to Feel the Burn

High-impact activity has its place in the world of working out. However, if you’re looking to increase your fitness level and pounding pavement doesn’t appeal, here are a handful of low impact exercise options that deliver results—without putting extra stress on your...

The Scoop on Poop – Your Digestive Health

Looking for the other end of the story? Just because you’ve outgrown potty talk doesn’t mean you should ignore what’s going on in the bathroom. Having regular bowel movements is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle - not just your disgestive health - and...

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