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Health education is the first step to empowering your group, your staff or your employees to leading healthier lives. When people know better, they do better. Leann provides educational seminars on various levels of disease prevention. Each program is designed to either stand alone as a single presentation or be grouped together as a series for a total health education offering. Participants will learn about various health topics so that they will be able to make better choices for themselves and their family.


  • The Food Connection to a Child’s Behavior
  • The State of Our Food Supply and How It’s Connected to 95% of Diseases
  • How to Stop Diabetes
  • Reversing Heart Disease
  • The Cancer Proof Nutrition Plan
  • Workplace Wellness — Energizing with Food to Maximize Productivity while Preventing Fat, Fatigue & Brain Fog
  • Lose Weight the Healthy Way
  • Breaking the Sugar Habit
  • Smoothie Making for Optimal health
  • What to Eat Now to Prevent Chronic Illness in the Future


Keynote Speaker. Award-Winning Author. Family Health & Cancer Coach.

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Leann Forst, MBA, CHC

Leann is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner holding a Master’s degree from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa and a Bachelor of Science from Upper Iowa University. She is also an award-winning author of 2 books “How to Get Your Kids to Beg for Veggies” and “100 Ways to Lose Weight.”  Born and raised an Iowa farm girl, she moved to Texas in 1998 where she now lives with her husband and 2 wonderful children.

Leann teaches families to identify food toxins and triggers that are making their family sick. She works with individuals and groups,and is also a speaker for profit and non-profit organizations to assist people in attaining ideal health. 

She volunteers her time on her school district’s School Health Advisory Committee to help bring health initiatives to over 55 schools. 

Take the next step to invest in healthy, productive families and employees.

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What Others Had to Say


“Our new parents loved Leann’s presentation!  The education she gave us all is so valuable…every Mom wants to do what’s best for her child, however there is so much information out there.  With creative marketing, it’s hard to differentiate what foods are really healthy and what foods are just presented as healthy.  We all walked away with a wealth of knowledge and empowerment to help promote safe nutrition to our children.”

Stephanie Howard, BSN, RN, CCE, CEIM

Medical City Dallas Hospital

“Leann Forst did an amazing job presenting to our Frisco ISD families of children with special needs.  Her eye-opening information about the foods we eat and their connections to the issues we face made so much sense!  Everyone loved her practical tips on how to make immediate changes that will change our lives.

Colleen M. Kugler, M.Ed.,

Frisco I.S.D.

Medical City Children’s Hospital runs a school nurse program in North Texas. Our goal is to make sure our school nurses have the education and resources available to provide the very best to their kids and staff. Each year we gather new and engaging speakers that can provide topics that are relevant to a school nurse and can qualify for continuing education credit. I met Leann Forst a couple years ago and have observed her passion and knowledge towards food education. I asked her to be one of our speakers this school year and she has been widely excepted. Our evaluations have given Leann very high marks and she has been requested for follow up in many cases. We are blessed to have her a part of our program.”

Ryan Eason

Community Relations Manager, HCA North Texas.

As part of the Austin Leadership Summit, Leann Forst led a powerfully informative and eye opening workshop that generated rave reviews. I will hire her to speak again and again.”

Nicole Perrotta

Principal, Solutions Training Group

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