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Latest Health News

What To Do If Diagnosed With Cancer

Have you or someone you love received a cancer diagnosis? Three weeks after I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. After four brain surgeries, the doctors were able to debulk the tumor.  He also went...

Can Cannabinoids Cure Cancer?

How Cannabinoids Help Improve Your Health While medical marijuana has been used for hundreds of years for health reasons, it's still quite controversial. It is currently legal in 29 states and Washington DC, but still prohibited in four states. Other states have laws...

Diffuser Blends for Spring & Summer

Cleanse the Air in Your Home With These Essential Oil Diffuser Blends It's no secret that I love essential oils. And apparently my love for oils has been passed on to my 9 year old daughter. People have always referred to her as my "mini-me" and watching her...

Solving SIBO

Do You Suffer From Digestion Issues?   What is SIBO? SIBO stands for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. People who suffer from SIBO have too much bacteria in their small intestine and will often experience the following symptoms: Nausea Bloating Vomiting Diarrhea...

10 Ways to Have Energy All Day

Are you Always Feeling Tired? Do you rely on a cup of coffee at 3pm every day? Or worse...a candy bar? These temporary energy sources send your blood sugar wildly soaring only to crash just as rapidly as it rose.  The solution is to keep your energy stable throughout...

110 Ways to Use the Top 10 Essential Oils

My favorite essential oils & how to use them It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of essential oils.  I firmly believe that they have amazing powers as plant-based medicine. And anything that can naturally keep my family healthy, I'm all for. I would never consider...