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Latest Health News

Foods Linked to Early Puberty

What Foods to Avoid To Ward Off Early Puberty In Your Child Nothing strikes fear into a mother's heart more than the term "early puberty".   Have I gotten your attention?  I hope so because it's become a big problem.  Back in the good ol' days, kids didn't hit puberty...

The Candida Connection to Cancer

Ward off Cancer & Balance Your Digestive System with this Anti-Cancer Diet I hear ya, all of these anti-cancer diets can get a bit confusing. But they all have one thing in common:  Whole Real Food.   I am passionate about this subject because we believe a large part...

Give Allergies the Axe Naturally

Can There Be a Food Connection to Allergies? Previously I had written about the 4 A's - Autism, Allergies, ADHD, Asthma, and how diet may actually have more of an affect on them than you think. Today I wanted to focus on allergies.  It's a hard concept to consider,...

Alkaline Diet and Cancer

Why Eating Alkaline Can Help You Prevent and Fight Cancer When it comes to a cancer diagnosis, you cannot begin to understand the amount of stress it puts on you and your family unless you've been through it. Unfortunately, I know this too well. I am not a doctor and...

Is Your Cookware Causing Cancer?

Get the scoop on 8 common kinds of cookware Long gone are the days when you would just use your mother's old hand-me-down cookware. Today we know that many of the types of cookware we've been using for years may not be healthy. Studies show that certain cookware can...

The Best and Worst Ways to Cook

Cooking for Your Health Have you ever thought about which is the healthiest way to cook your food? Well I have and I wanted to share the best and the worst ways to cook dinner for your family tonight.  Baking Baking isn’t just for treats and sweets.  It can be a great...