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Latest Health News

Winter Wellness Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Diffuse These Blends to Stay Healthy This Winter One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to diffuse essential oils. When the sniffles and coughs start up in our house, I like knowing that I have therapeutic essential oils to help get everyone's health back on...

6 Health Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil

What is Thyme Essential Oil & How Can You Use it for Your Health? Thyme essential oil is extracted from the leaf of a perennial herb called Thymus vulgaris. You’re likely familiar with the spice used in your favorite recipe, but thyme essential oil is used for a...

2 Powerful Tools for Weight Loss

Intermittent Fasting & The Keto Diet If I told you that you could do one thing that would kick-start your metabolism, reduce inflammation, lower your diabetes risk, improve your memory, and support your overall health, would you be interested? Of course you would. And...

Health Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

Why Peppermint Oil is Essential Puns aside, I am a sucker for versatile, yet fabulous smelling oils. That’s why I love peppermint. There are many reasons why I think everyone should have peppermint essential oil in their medicine cabinet, but the main one is because...

Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

Why You Need Lemon Essential Oil A little yellow lemon may be a staple food item in your home, but I'm here to tell you why lemon essential oil can replace that cute lemon.  Lemon essential oil is more potent that simply squeezing a lemon. To get just 15 ml of lemon...

Health Benefits of the Keto Diet

Keto Diet Basics Everyone and their grandmother is talking about the keto diet (short for ketogenic) as if it's a new trend, but did you know it's been around since 1924 when Dr. Russell Wilder of the Mayo Clinic found that it helped control seizures in children?...