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Latest Health News

4 Dangerous Ingredients in Children’s Vitamins

What's in your child's vitamins? In order to be the best parent you can, you want to make sure your children are healthy.   One way to do that is by making sure they get the correct amount of vitamins and minerals that they need. Often this means serving our little...

Natural Solutions for Gas and Bloating

Relieve Your Stomach Issues Naturally Intestinal discomfort is never pleasant. And while some flatulence is normal (despite any public embarrassment), excessive gas, pain, and bloating can be an annoyance.  Causes of Gas & Bloating As much as most of us don't like...

Are Bath Bombs Toxic?

Are Store-Bought Bath Bombs Safe For Your Family? If you scroll though Instagram on any given day, you'll see that bath bombs are all the rage. People everywhere are throwing these colorful balls into their bathtubs and slowly easing into the fizzy bubbles they create...

Mushrooms and Cancer

Can Mushrooms Help Prevent Cancer? Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US, and the risk of developing this disease increases significantly as we age. This is why we need to stop being complacent and take our health into our own hands. While I am not...

6 Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil

What is Sandalwood Essential Oil & How Can You Use it for Your Health? Sandalwood is a lesser-known essential oil for most people, but it happens to be one of my favorites. It has a masculine, woody scent, but it's gentle enough to do amazing things for your hair...

How to Address Asthma Symptoms Naturally

Use These to Naturally Ease Asthma Symptoms When my son was 2 years old, he was diagnosed with chronic asthma.   He would catch every virus that existed and was sick about every three weeks.  If 3 weeks had gone by and he hadn't been sick, I knew it was a matter of...