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Latest Health News

Immune Boosting Diffuser Blends for Fall & Winter

Can These Diffuser Blends Keep Your Family Healthy this Season? My 10 year old daughter loves essential oils as much as I do. And lately she's enjoyed creating diffuser blend recipes for our home. Here are the ones that I've shared so far: Diffuser Blend for Spring &...

Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cancer

Prevent and Treat Cancer Naturally I recently came across this quote while researching natural cancer treatments: “ALA increases the availability of antioxidants to cells, reduces cellular damage, promotes health, and targets cancer cells and cancer promoting factors...

3 Health Tips for Autism

End Bad Habits and Follow a New Roadmap to Better Health  According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, only one in three American children are physically active every day. Plus, they now spend nearly eight hours a day in front of a screen, whether...

Fall Allergy Relief

Frustrated with Fall Allergies? Blame it on the ragweed – the single biggest fall allergy trigger lasting from late summer to mid-fall. Ragweed produces a fine pollen that can cause seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever), which is estimated to affect as many as 23...

Essential Oil Frequently Asked Questions

Answering The Most Asked Essential Oil Questions I have recently featured a three-part series on essential oil safety. We covered issues such as how to apply oils, the correct dilution, internal use, if they're safe for children and pets, and how they interact with...

20 Simple Food Swaps for Better Health

Small tweaks to your diet lead to some amazing health benefits When people hear that I am a health coach, they automatically assume that I don't eat any "fun" foods. The truth is that I actually believe in the occasional cheat day. I also feel strongly that a few food...