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A Lineup of Tools for Health Education

In conjunction with the school nurse continuing education class taught at Medical City Children’s Hospital, by Leann Forst, Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Practitioner, Groovy Beets Wellness Company has programs available for schools that offer education and tools in formats conducive to different family needs. They range from parents who want information from the comfort of their home, to those who prefer to learn face-to-face, to families that need a more personalized program.

Choose one or all of the programs to fit the needs of your parents, staff and school:

1. Give Families Health Counseling Resources: 

Connect parents to a health and nutrition advisor.  To receive a free parent electronic handout to distribute to your families that would like additional custom one-on-one health consulting, click on the link below.

Download Leann Forst Health & Nutrition Coaching Brochure

2. Book a Parent Health Education Talk

Schedule Parent Health Education Program Talks on various topics that parents need to know today to keep their student healthy.  See the list of topics and explanation under ‘Speaking’ on the Groovy Beets main menu.

Easy contact below for more information or to book Leann to speak at your school:

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3. Give Easy Access to Online Health Resources

Educational Resources for Your Families

No time in the school calendar to schedule a live talk?  “The Food Connection to Your Child’s Behavior” presentation is available for parents for $40 per download.  This presentation educates parents on the food triggers linked to asthma, allergies, ADHD and autism.

Download Webinar Flyer – The Food Connection to Your Child’s Behavior  

4. Sign up for FREE Parent Health Education Resources

Get Free Electronic Healthy Handouts for Your Parents
FREE Healthy Education Information for Your School’s Weekly E-Newsletter

This program provides health and nutrition education handouts in a simple electronic format for quick reading and easy application into a busy family routine. Schools sign up one administrative point of contact to receive bi-weekly electronic health education newsletters for distribution to their families via email. Students will get health support at home while parents learn better ways to support the learning of their student by optimizing their health. 

Easy Next Step — SUBSCRIBE: Sign-up below a designated person at your school to receive the bi-weekly electronic newsletter for distribution in your school’s communications. Groovy Beets is committed to safeguarding your privacy. We do not share your information with anyone without your express permission. 

5. Make Your School Healthier

If your school could use a health makeover, we can help you create a healthier environment by providing consultation on menu items, snack racks, vending machines, celebrations or anything in between.

Easy contact below for more information or to book Leann to consult at your school:

Call: 469-609-0898 OR send us an email below.

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